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125 icons

Finally an update. Some people were asking me to post some icons so here I am :) Some of these icons were made from my graphics posted on my tumblr btw. I hope you enjoy & please comment.

→ icons + requests: supernatural + cast, dir en grey, snsd, brown eyed girls, super junior, city hunter, jyj, dexter, game of thrones + more~
TOTAL = 125 icons

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Since I don't want to abandon my community, I think it is time to open a request post.

◆ icons ONLY.
◆ 5 pics per person.
◆ HQ pictures.
◆ any fandom; musicians, artists, tv, etc.
◆ everything will be shareable.

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91 icons

Hello :) Wow, I don't post here a long time.
This post contains icons that I made from some of my edits, but now I noticed that photobucket fucked up :/ The colors were more vibrant. Anyway, I wanted to post because my community is abandoned. I hope you like it! ♥

→ supernatural+cast, snsd, dir en grey, super junior, dbsk, 2pm, rania, x-men first class + others
TOTAL = 91 icons

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